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Manicure Trends for Summer 2013

different-nail-polish has long ceased to be an addition to the image. Instead, it has become an almost independent accessory. Each season the collection of nail polishes is replenished with new shades, and therefore trends. Our review will tell you what kind of is going to be fashionable this summer.

Color Trends

Of course, it is not that easy to discern trends in the colors of nail polishes today. The stylists give themselves (and therefore us) enough freedom to choose whatever their heart desires. Yet, cosmetic brands produce incredibly similar shades, and therefore, they should be paid attention to if you follow the fashion.

Red and Pink Nails

One of many nail trends of the new season is the crimson and pink color system. It seems to are the most classic, but it had been approached by many ladies, who seem to currently have tired of experiments. The shades with this range vary from understated and almost transparent to be able to intense scarlet and cherry colors.

Pastel Shades in Manicure

By the way, gentle pastel colors are another trend that has been with us for several seasons. In such a range of colors, everything looks perfect – except that the nails and cuticles should be ideal if you want to use these colors. Pastel shades draw attention to the smallest shortcomings, and the latter are seen much better than the bright ones.

Blue Shades of Nail Enamels

Furthermore, a few words around the bright shades. Come july 1st, the shades similar to the sea (dark blue and light blue, turquoise, azure) and those resembling beautiful peacock feathers (for some reason, these birds get inspired designers to generate new colors) is going to be extremely fashionable.

Trendy Nail Polish Texture

Not only color, but also texture, can be the trend of the summer. Gel nail polishes – dense and persistent – are fashionable. The trends will also include nail polishes with sequins and colored particles.

Different Colors

In manicure, you can still use several (two to five) colors, placing them on the fingers the way your imagination suggests.


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