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Lizzy Caplan Biography 1982-

An who commenced onscreen roles in late adolescence, initially specialized in playing teenagers and young adults in tough-natured and slightly edgy material. Caplan landed many of her earliest assignments on the small screen, in telemovies such as the 2000 From Where I Sit and the 2002 Everybody’s Doing It (a lead, as a high-school student grappling with the prospect of losing her virginity), and made repeat appearances on such series programs as Smallville, Freaks and Geeks, and Tru Calling. Not long after, the young performer joined the cast of Mark Waters and Tina Fey’s satirical big-screen comedy Mean Girls (2004), as a high-school student; the actress also essayed the female lead in the thoughtful coming-of-age drama Love Is the Drug (2006), as an elitist teenager who travels in an exclusive social circle and draws the infatuation of an unpopular newcomer (John Patrick Amedori). Also in 2006, Caplan scored a regular role on the sitcom The Class. In 2008, she appeared in Matt Reeves’ sci-fi thriller Cloverfield as Marlena, one of the victims of a city-wide rampaging monster.

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