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Lindsay Maxwell Biography 1984-

Lindsay knew at the age of three when watching “The Wizard of Oz” that she wanted to do just what Judy Garland did… act! and that is exactly what Lindsay has been doing since she was six years of age, acting in film, theatre, tv series and commercials.  Her first set experience was opposite Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson-Peet in the 80’s series “21 Jump Street”… after that, she was hooked.

Throughout Lindsay’s teenage years she landed guest starring appearances on tv series such as “7 Days” and “Special Unit 2” in addition to many various commercials.

Lindsay enjoys her close relationship with her agent and manager Lissa Lloyd of Lloyd Talent who is a large part of her success with continued support in striving for that next goal as a team.  Lindsay has studied with some of the best acting instructors in the industry, in particular, Shea Hampton and the world renowned Warren Robertson, with whom she is still training.

Lindsay continued her career co-starring as the girlfriend from a parallel universe in the film “The Butterfly Effect 2” and a starring role as an alien trying to save her species in “Decoys 2”.  In “Alien Agent” Lindsay portrayed the more simple kind of life opposite Billy Zane.  Travel has been a perk with a recurring role in the TV series “Dante’s Cove” which was filmed in the Turks and Caico’s Islands and another series “Falcon Beach” which was shot throughout Canada.

Lindsay finds most enjoyable the ability to experience and challenge her acting skills to portray different emotions with the variety of characters she has played.  A high profile space commander in “Stargate_SG1”, an overworked model on “Blood Ties”, a tough as nails real estate agent in series “The ‘L’ Word” and the daughter of Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart, in “Paparrazi Princess-The Paris Hilton Story”.

Lindsay enjoyed working on last year’s hit Blockbuster Movie, “Good Luck Chuck” where she played the love interest of Dane Cook’s best friend, Stu Fogler.  She loves comedy and feels in her element with like minded people when playing comedic roles.

Lindsay’s most recent accomplishment is playing a significant role along side Dolph Lundgren in the feature film Icarus.

Lindsay looks forward to the many characters she will portray throughout her career.  She has a passion for acting and will never forget what the late John Ritter said to her when she was just 13 years of age.  He said “actors are all joined together by a single golden thread of love”.  Lindsay agrees!

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