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Lauren Lee Smith Biography 1980-

Initially known for her multi-telefilm portrayal of Christy Huddleston, the young woman who accepts a teaching position in rural Cutter Gap, NC, and begins educating the ignorant locals — a role she inherited from Kellie Martin, the star of the mid-’90s TV series — simultaneously defied any related attempts to pigeonhole her as a family-friendly by branching out into much grittier and edgier material. Role choices included that of a psychic mutant in the sci-fi series Mutant X (2001-2004), a nymphomaniac in the racy Lie With Me (2005), a lesbian cook on the Showtime drama series The L Word (2004-2006), a “beat” girl in Terry Zwigoff’s misanthropic comedy drama Art School Confidential (2006), and a homicidal med student in the thriller Pathology (2008).

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