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Laura Breckenridge Biography 1983-

A native of Flourtown, PA, placed equal emphasis on stage and film work; from role to role, she coupled an ingratiating, girl-next-door quality with keen dramatic instincts. She landed roles in Broadway and off-Broadway productions, including the 2002 revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and the 2004 The Moonlight Room, but received her most widespread recognition for her supporting role as Rose Sorelli in the 2005 television series Related — a domestic comedy about the relationships and experiences of four extremely different sisters. Meanwhile, at about the same time, Breckenridge moved into feature work, focusing strongly on independently produced efforts. These included a lead in the hit festival comedy Southern Belles (2005) and a supporting contribution to Eva Aridjis’ ensemble drama The Favor (2006). Breckenridge traveled the scream-queen route — and accepted yet another lead — in John Simpson’s gruesome slasher film Amusement.

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