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Lara Robinson Biography 1998-

was brought into this world in February of 1998, born in Australia. This Bright Eyed Curly haired girl wanted to act from a very early age and made her dreams known. Lara started auditioning at a very young age, and she got her first acting gig at the age of 8. The movie was called “Long Weekend” and her part was small, but it was exciting none the less. Next she booked a part in a movie called “Work in Progress”, Where Lara played the ‘little girl’. Though her character has no credited name, the movie was all about her, making her the lead. 2007 Was a good year for Lara. She booked 2 television appearances, one in “City Homicide” and one in “The Elephant Princess“. In “The Elephant Princess“, she had a guest starring role playing Gretel in which she had several scenes with the main character of the show.

Then in 2008 Lara’s dreams started to expand and lighten. She learned about this new movie called “Knowing” and knew they needed a little girl who could play two characters. Lara jumped at the part, and got it. This was Lara’s first huge movie, but surely not her last. They started filming in 2008, and the movie was released in 2009 giving Lara more publicity than ever before. Till this day “Knowing” is what Lara is most known for. Next Lara did a straight to Tv Movie called “Saved” where she plays Grace Weston. The movie was released in 2009.

In 2011, Lara was in the on screen adaptation of Tim Winton’s “Cloudstreet“. The screenplay was written by Winton himself; the mini series will aired only on Showcase Australia May 22, 2011. Lara plays young Rose Pickles and the on screen daughter of Essie Davis and Stephen Curry in this 6 episode adaptation. This role has granted Lara not one; but two AACTA Awards nominations. The awards ceremony will be held on January 31, 2012.

Lara can next be seen in the TV adaptation of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries“. She will be acting along her on screen mother from “Cloudstreet” again. Hopefully 2012 will be another wonderful year for Lara!

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