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Lace-amatic Shoe-Fastener

Not everybody could easily handle the simple thing to knot their shoelaces, and the case is particularly bad to the kids and hands-impaired people. Maybe that’s why the is created. The device mainly consists of two sections, one is a peg to twist and hold the laces and the other is the flat plate for keeping the peg in place. Just as you can see, simply slide the flat plate behind the laces, twist the loosely-tied laces using the peg,  and then you can easily have your shoelaces fastened. Want to take off the ? Well, what you need to do is only to flip the lever open with your feet! Easy as that!


  1. A very sweet design. Thanks HOME for the heads up!

  2. Lace-amatic is the Jetsons solution to laced shoes. I’m glad I lived to see it.

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