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Kool Aid

Edwin Perkins was always fascinated by chemistry and enjoyed inventing things. When his family moved to southwest Nebraska at the turn of the century, young Perkins experimented with home-made concoctions in his mother’s kitchen and created the story. The forerunner to was Fruit Smack, which was sold via mail order in the 1920s. Edwin Perkins re-named the drink Kool Ade and then in 1927.

Did you know that Kool Aid has been named the “Official of Nebraska”.

Drink The Kool Aid
By definition “Drink the Kool Aid” means to become a firm believer in something; to accept an argument or philosophy wholeheartedly or blindly. Sadly the term originated with Jim Jones, the cult leader who ordered his followers to drink poisoned kool aid in a mass suicide.

Edwin Perkins and KoolAid
Edwin Perkins had always enjoyed studying chemistry and inventing things.
Kool Aid
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