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Kimberly Caldwell Biography 1982-

A contestant on American Idol’s second season, ended up placing seventh in that year’s competition, but parlayed her exposure into other opportunities. Born in Katy, TX, in 1982, Caldwell started singing at age five, performing in pageants and working her way up to the Grand Ole Opry and Star Search (where she was a five-time junior vocalist winner) while still a young teen. After taking a break for a few years, Caldwell resumed singing, starting with local venues and eventually appearing on the WB Television Network’s Popstars: USA talent program in 2001. She was dismissed from the show’s group because the judges believed she would do better as a solo artist. In 2003, she appeared on Idol, showcasing her raspy, powerful vocals with performances of Melissa Etheridge’s “Come to My Window” and Martha & the Vandellas’ “Nowhere to Run.” After her elimination from American Idol, Caldwell posed for the August 2003 issue of Maxim magazine and began working as a host for various TV shows, including Fox Sports’ 54321 and Idol Tonight. In addition to her hosting duties, Caldwell ventured into acting, appearing in films like 2007’s Wrong Turn 2 and 2008’s Memories of Murder, and worked on her debut album with Diane Warren and Randy Jackson. In summer 2008, American Idol season seven winner David Cook asked Caldwell on a date while she was hosting the red carpet coverage of the show’s finale. Her debut album was expected later that year.

Though she rose to fame by virtue of her involvement in the second season of the Fox network’s competitive reality series American Idol (2003), Kimberly Caldwell was actually a veteran entertainer by the time she hit the Idol stage, at the age of 21, in front of judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson. Born in 1982, Caldwell gained youthful experience as an entertainer years prior to Idol — first via performances at beauty pageants and the Grand Ole Opry, then on Star Search, and finally on such programs as The Pulse and Popstars: USA. Though Caldwell made the top 12 in her particular season of Idol, she failed to make the final cut, losing the competition (along with many others) to first-place favorite Ruben Studdard. Caldwell moved into a slightly different sphere of entertainment in 2007, with a (non-musical) dramatic role in the direct-to-video slasher opus Wrong Turn 2: Dead End.

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