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Kim Poirier Biography 1980-

Born in Drummondville, Quebec, grew up learning French and English simultaneously, and moved to Toronto, Ontario when she was two years old. Through her career, her artistic endeavours have been expressed through acting in film and television, hosting and reporting for a large cable TV network, singing, dancing, and most recently, producing films as well.

With dedicated professionalism, relentless passion, and admirable sensitivity, her work speaks for itself: Over the past four years, Kim served as the on-air presenter of “Hypaspace” on the SPACE Channel, where she hosted genre-related shows delving into science fiction, fantasy, toys, and video games; you may also remember her as Monica from 2004’s “Dawn of the Dead”, and as Roxy from all three seasons of “Paradise Falls”; lest we forget Kim Poirier’s portrayal of Constance in the full-length feature, “Decoys”, as well as its acclaimed sequel, amongst dozens of other roles in major projects, both on the big screen and on the small.

Even as a young child, creative expression for a captive audience came very naturally to Kim. Dancing, acting out theatrical stories she’d concocted, and singing at home – for whoever might watch and listen – she found great freedom, and rejoiced, in the art of expressing. She was first introduced to the biz through her mother, who brought Kim to some early commercial auditions and modeling shoots at the age of three. From the very first moment that Kim got in front of the camera, her eyes and spirit lit up. Before hitting her teens, she was off to a promising start, having completed countless shoots and over 30 television commercials.

During this time, amidst her fledgling career in entertainment, she also partook in a wide variety of activities: Competitive dance, ringuette, track and field, waterskiing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, karate, gymnastics, canoeing, cliff jumping, and camping all occupied her spare time. Needless to say, she was very active, athletic, and competitive. Despite her mother’s protests, Kim frequently came home with lots of scraped knees, grass-stained pants, and “pet” insects.

As time progressed, so did Kim’s interest in pursuing an active life, mind, and spirit. Ashtanga and Kundalini training, numerology, healing, nutrition, and drama therapy soon replaced many of the activities that had once occupied her spare time as a youth. In 2004, she organized a workshop called ‘The Yoga Theatre Lab’, which combined the yogic technique with acting. In 2006, she was appointed Sadhana Commissioner at The Institute of Yoga Therapy, where she organized all of the school’s early morning yoga activities and special events, on top of her extensive teaching responsibilities.

Today, a daily yoga practice helps Kim stay balanced and grounded, amidst the intensity of the entertainment world. She also enjoys running, biking, meditating, traveling, cinema, music, reading, writing, fashion, dancing, cooking, as well as great food and wine.

Always up for adventure, she loves a good challenge, and is consistently pushing herself towards personal excellence; forever a student with a thirst for knowledge, she continues to deepen her creative craft. An avid animal lover and supporter, with a humanitarian outlook and a spirit of service, she has an incessant desire to facilitate positive change and help those around her. She treasures her friendships and family, and is always up for a good laugh.

Coming up, she can be seen as Dr. Maria Leonardo in “Eureka” (set to air on July 10th on the SCI FI Channel), “Silent But Deadly” (a full-length feature co-starring Jason Mewes and William Sadler), and the indie flick, “Foodland” (premiering fall 2009). Also set to air this fall is the highly-anticipated third season of “Paradise Falls” on Showcase.

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