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Katy Perry Biography 1984-

’s not-quite-naughty single “I Kissed a Girl” was a big summer hit in 2008 and made the vampish a star. Lyrics like “The taste of her cherry Chapstick / I kissed a girl just to try it / I hope my boyfriend don’t mind” won Perry fans, critics, and plenty of lucrative attention; The Times called the song a “lipgloss-lesbian anthem.” The middle child of two evangelical ministers, Perry sang in her parents’ church until she was 16, when she got a GED, left high school, and began chasing a music career in Nashville. Her 2001 gospel rock album, Katy Hudson, was a flop. But she moved to Los Angeles, changed her stage name to and her style to straight pop, and began perfecting a wide-eyed enthusiasm that was half Bettie Page and half Betty Boop. (Blender magazine calls her style “thrift-store bombshell.”) She had a modest hit with the 2007 EP Ur So Gay. That set the stage for her multi-platinum 2008 album One of the Boys, with the hits “Hot n Cold” and “Thinking of You” as well as “I Kissed a Girl,” which won Perry a Grammy nomination for best female pop vocal performance.

Perry became engaged to British comedian Russell Brand in January of 2009, according to her reps… Her stage name, Perry, is her mother’s maiden name; she adopted it, she has told reporters, because her real name is too close to that of actress Kate Hudson… Perry has a tattoo reading “Jesus” on the inside of her left wrist… Perry writes many of her own songs; she also plays the guitar… Perry has dated Travis McCoy, the singer for the hip-hop band Gym Class Heroes.

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