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Karina Lombard Biography 1969-

Karina background couldn’t be more exotic. She was born in Tahiti, the daughter of Henry Lombard, The Swiss-Russian heir to a Geneva banking dynasty, and Nupuree Lightfoot, a Lakota Sioux Indian medicine woman. When Karina was one year old, her parents divorced. Karina moved with her four siblings, to their father’s mansion in Barcelona.

Karina and her siblings were sent to Calvinist boarding schools across Switzerland. Growing up in boarding schools and away from mainstream, Karina didn’t see her first film until she was eight. She went to see a movie called Donkey Skin starring Catherine Deneuve. After seeing this movie, Karina knew this is what she wanted to do.

At 11, Karina was sent off to Vinet, a boarding school in Lausanne where, she says – “being American Indian meant being treated like a savage.” Acting in school plays gained her respect of her classmates, after graduating from Vinet at 18, she settled in Manhattan, where she was accepted at the famed Actors Studio. But it was photographer Bruce Weber who, seeking a Native American for an ad campaign for Calvin Klein, spotted Karina at a restaurant and gave her her first big break. Soon she was adorning the pages of Elle and Vogue Magazine.

The producer and director of The Island (L’Isle), a French Canadian adventure movie, saw Karina on the cover of the magazine 20 ANS and she was offered the lead role. When she auditioned in front of Oliver Stone for a small part in The Doors, he cast her on the spot.  Director John Duigan casted Karina for the role of “Antoinette Cosway” in the movie Wide Sargasso Sea. Karina’s part got her rave reviews from critics like Roger Ebert and William Burrill. Brad Pitt hand picked Karina for the part of Isabel Two in Legend of the Falls. Karina has and will continue to grace us with great roles and characters. Karina was in TV Shows like The L Word (Season One); The 4400 (Season 2 & 3) and Rescue Me (Season 5).

Karina is an accomplished musician, and writer. Karina previously had a music project developing music for Cirque Du Soleil.  Karina also sang the title track for the movie L’Isle. Karina preformed live on stage in 2004 with Dorian Cheah. Karina is working on her first music CD.

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