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Julie Hagerty Biography 1955-

Like many actresses who’ve been typecast as airheads, is infinitely more intelligent than most of the characters she’s played. After six years’ worth of training in her hometown of Cincinnati and at Julliard, Hagerty pursued a modelling career in New York, continuing to take acting lessons under the tutelage of William Hickey. She then spent a few seasons playing a variety of roles at the Production Company, a Greenwich Village theatre troupe which she co-founded with her brother Michael. In 1980, she appeared in her first film, playing ditzy stewardess Elaine Dickinson in the disaster-flick lampoon Airplane!. The following year, she delivered a marvelous performance as the limited-intellect mistress of professorial Jose Ferrer in Woody Allen’s A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982). A couple of inconsequential projects followed (including the inevitable Airplane! sequel) before Hagerty once more appeared in a worthwhile role in a worthwhile film: in 1985’s Lost in America, Hagerty and Albert Brooks (who also directed) sparkled as a pair of starry-eyed yuppies who try to go the “Easy Rider” route. She was cast against type (and also appeared sans screen credit) as the mistress of Claus von Buhlow in Reversal of Fortune (1990). There have been several career ups and downs since: the most recent “up”, if only on an artistic level, was the 1995 film The Wife. On television, starred as Tracy Dillon in the short-duration series Princesses (1991).

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