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Julie Gonzalo Biography 1981-

The image of singer and makes many fans think of the blond-haired, blue-eyed, all-American girls that she’s played, like cheerleader Amber in Dodgeball and high-school queen bee Stacey in Freaky Friday. Gonzalo’s roots, however, are very diverse, leading back to Argentina, where she was born in 1981. After moving to the U.S. at age eight, Gonzalo began modeling as a child, while studying acting in school. After graduation, she moved to L.A. to pursue her career full-time, and soon began appearing in films like A Cinderella Story and Christmas with the Kranks. In 2006, she scored a big break with the role of Parker Lee on the cult-hit series Veronica Mars, and though the show was canceled in 2007, Gonzalo had no trouble staying on television, soon playing Maggie Dekker on the show Eli Stone.

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