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Julianne Nicholson Biography 1971-

From the catwalk to the silver screen, model-turned- has a way of turning heads. A freckled starlet whose fresh-faced beauty and boundless energy have no doubt served her well in juggling multiple projects in film and television, Nicholson first made a name for herself in a trio of independent dramas before achieving recognition among the masses with a role in the 1999 Stephen King miniseries Storm of the Century. Born and raised the oldest of four siblings living in Medford, MA, Nicholson dabbled in modeling following graduation from high school. Later studies at New York’s Hunter College found the aspiring waiting tables in the Big Apple to support herself, though it didn’t take long for Nicholson to throw caution to the wind and take up acting full time. Following her appearance in Storm of the Century Nicholson returned to features for a slew of supporting roles, and in 2000, she made her first foray into weekly television as a college student with the gift of second sight in The Others. Despite the series’ short lifespan, Nicholson escaped relatively unscathed, resurfacing later the same year with an Independent Spirit Award-nominated role in the indie drama Tully. Back on the small screen Nicholson offered a breath of fresh air to Ally McBeal when she joined the cast of the popular series in 2001, with a brief leap back to the big screen in I’m With Lucy preceding a stint with a stethoscope on the 2002 medical drama Presidio Med. Cast opposite Jay Mohr as the bride-to-be in the 2004 feature Seeing Other People, Nicholson proved without a doubt that she had more than enough charm to carry the small comedy before moving on to a supporting role in the wide-release romantic comedy Little Black Book.

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