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Josh Duhamel Biography 1972-

Possessing the sort of ironclad genetics that virtually ensure a career on daytime television if all else fails, , not surprisingly, earned his breakthrough feature role playing the eponymous lusted-after Hollywood hunk in the 2004 romantic comedy Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! Though subpar grades may have kept the aspiring cavity warrior from pursuing his childhood dreams of earning his keep as a dentist, a move to the West Coast eventually found Duhamel embarking on a career as a fashion model. It didn’t take long for the photogenic cover boy to make the leap from still life to moving pictures, and in 1999, the fledgling made his small-screen debut in the long-running daytime drama All My Children. Having just come off his role as the titular character in 2002’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Duhamel found the ideal platform on which to to hone his skills with the popular soap opera. Further schooling was no doubt provided when Duhamel appeared opposite Hollywood heavy James Caan in the 2003 television series Las Vegas — in which he was cast as casino surveillance head “Big Ed” Deline’s (Caan) eager young protégé — and in 2004, Duhamel returned to the big screen in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! Starring roles in Turistas  (2006) and Transformers  (2007) soon followed.

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