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Jordan Carver Biography 1986-

jordan-carverJordan is specialized in glamour, lingerie & swimsuit modeling. Not to be concerned though,
she is additionally a huge action-sports proponent, which makes her able to present more in comparison with the average ! previously, she is based in Orange County, California and is working as an worldwide . Carver was born on January THIRTY, 1986 and was raised
in a small city in Germany.

After graduation, she had an apprenticeship as a hotel manager but didn’t think inspired in that industry. So she decided to dedicate herself to a more creative job, the modeling industry. At first she worked behind the camera, as a beautician for a large French company.

This direct her into doing the conclusion to commence her own business as a make-up artist. She met an surprising photographer who previously worked with Playboy, Amica, Triumph, Vogue; among other clients. He noticed her potential in front from the camera, and built some sample pictures in pinup-style which had some amazing results!

By February 2010, she unveiled her own website! Which started the best time of her life; life her dream and having fun doing so! without a doubt she travels the world and receives to discover the different cultures across the globe.

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