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Jodie Sweetin Biography 1982-

Sweetin-jodie. Born Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin on January 19, 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Sweetin was adopted by Sam, a handyman, and Janice, a wedding coordinator. Sweetin’s acting talent was evident early on and, at the urging of family friends, Janice brought her 4-year-old to meet with a talent agent. After booking several national commercials, Sweetin was cast in a guest spot on the popular series, Valerie. Her precociousness and winning smile caught the eyes of Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett, producers who were then putting together the framework of the sitcom Full House.

At age five, Sweetin debuted as Full House’s Stephanie Tanner, the middle sister of three. Her catchphrase—”How rude!”—is still requested by fans. That same year, she was cast in Jim Henson Presents: Mother Goose Stories.

Although she quickly bonded with her Full House family, Sweetin had a difficult time adjusting to school. A strong student, Sweetin was teased by classmates for her burgeoning fame. She spent her grammar and middle school years trying to embrace a normal life and separate herself from her on-screen persona. At the age of 13, she entered Los Alamitos High School. That year, Full House was canceled, and Sweetin experienced her first brushes with alcohol abuse.

After graduating in 1999, Sweetin temporarily capped her acting career with a two-episode role on Party of Five. She began attending Chapman University in Orange, California, and although she had an academic scholarship, she rarely attended classes. Instead, Sweetin’s hard-partying ways earned her a .9 GPA, and stanched her scholarship. Sweetin returned to her parent’s house to break her ties to drugs and alcohol, and to refocus her life.

In July of 2002, Sweetin wed boyfriend Shaun Holguin, a police officer. During their marriage, she experimented with crystal methamphetamine, and soon became deeply addicted to the drug. Three years later, after a drug-related hospitalization, she agreed to enter a rehabilitation program. Sweetin underwent six weeks of intensive treatment, and entered a sober living facility after her release. As a result of her addiction, she and Holguin divorced in 2006.

Shortly after her time in recovery, Sweetin began to re-enter the limelight. In 2006, she was tapped to host FUSE’s Pants-Off Dance-Off. The following year, she met and married Cory Herpin, a set designer. Her daughter Zoie was born in April of 2008. Although the couple had plans to star in a reality show about their life and family, they split seven months later.

Sweetin continues to perform, appearing in the big-screen releases Small Bits of Happiness (2008), Redefining Love (2009) and Port City (2009). She is slated to release a memoir about her struggles with sobriety, tentatively entitled Wild Cards.

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