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Jodie Marsh Biography 1978-

was born in 1978, in the British town of Brentwood, Essex. While one wouldn’t normally think that being a scaffolding contractor could be especially lucrative, it certainly was for Jodie’s father John. Along with her mother Kris and younger brother Jordan, she benefitted from an affluent lifestyle.

From a young age, Jodie was sent to an expensive private establishment known as the Brentwood School. While she was a smart kid who earned good grades, her school years were made difficult by persistent teasing and bullying.

Jodie claims that it all started when an older boy, the most popular kid in school, asked her out. She declined because she wanted to focus on her studies instead of her social life. This event signaled the beginning of tough times for Jodie.

Harassment at school shattered Jodie’s self-confidence. She felt deformed and broken, and even went through a phase of contemplating suicide.

Jodie’s concerned parents sensed that her crooked nose (the product of a childhood hockey accident) had something to do with her problems. They offered to pay for costly cosmetic surgery, and 15-year-old Jodie jumped at the opportunity.

While the operation didn’t change the situation at school, Jodie’s nightlife began to change. Her new nose brought back some self-assurance, and she started going to nightclubs.

Jodie soon discovered that dressing in a sexy manner and applying loads of makeup made people pay attention to her. At 16, she used her newfound sexuality to hide her insecurities, letting men drool over her. The more revealing the outfit, the more she felt in control.

Still, the bullying at school didn’t cease, and it culminated in a punch in the face from a male student in her senior year. This incident was the last straw — Jodie transferred to South East Essex College in Southend where she took classes in media studies, English, and photography.

With Jodie’s studies behind her, she found work as a stripper where she could continue exercising her power over men. After a short time, she was discovered by people from the British tabloid The Sun, and was invited to become one of their legendary Page 3 girls. Jodie jumped at the chance to become famous.

Her big break came in January 2003, when she was featured on the TV documentary Essex Wives. This show was about the lives of rich women who are both glossy and determined to make it in life. The show earned a lot of attention, as did Jodie, who was both hated and loved by the general public.

From there, Jodie further established herself as a glamour . She made the front page of British magazine Front in August 2003, and her tabloid appearances became almost daily occurrences.

In 2004, Jodie became one of the participants in the second season of Channel 4’s The Games, a reality show where celebrities compete in various sporting events. Soon after, she made an appearance on another reality show called Celebrity Penthouse, where she was locked in a house for 24 hours with other pseudo-celebs.

While Jodie enjoys the fame, she has discovered the downside to it. Not only has she become the arch-nemesis for another famous glamour model, Jordan, she also got her own stalker. Pop Idol reject Daniel Webster, who once threatened judge Simon Cowell on television, started writing Jodie letters revealing the harm he planned to do to other celebrities.

While this is as far as Webster got in Jodie’s life, she’s had a string of famous boyfriends, at least by tabloid standards. They range from club boss Fran Cosgrove to male model Callum Best and singer Kian Egan, from the Irish band Westlife.

In July 2004, Jodie became the sex expert for Zoo magazine, kicking off the announcement with an 8-page pictorial.

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