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Joan Severance Biography 1958-

was born and raised in Texas. At the age of 18 and at the sole urging of John Casablancas of ELITE models she went to Paris, France to begin a modeling career that would turn out to be well worth the price of the ticket Casablancas sent her. Within months she graced the covers of all the international magazines and was doing shows for all the top designers. She landed campaigns for CHANEL and VERSACE. After eight months she moved to NYC to pursue the US market and was quick to land several national commercials for WINDSONG perfume, BRECK shampoo, CLAIROL, L’OREAL, REVLON and MAYBELINE.

After several dozen commercials and a very high profile editorial career appearing in all the bug fashion magazines as VOGUE, BAZAAR, ELLE and the European versions of them, she headed to Hollywood. Where within weeks she had a manager and an agent and was studying with several different acting coaches. It was 6 months later that she landed her first role on a major television series for CBS called WISEGUY, starring Ken Wahl and Kevin Spacey.

It was only a matter of time that director Arthur Hiller cast her in SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL with Gene Wilder and Richard Prior and her costar from Wiseguy, Kevin Spacey. That same year she did BIRD ON A WIRE with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn and NO HOLDS BARRED with Hulk Hogan. Later starring in several films, including Zalman King’s LAKE CONSEQUENCE with Billy Zane, CRIMINAL PASSION with Tony Dennisen and PAYBACK with C.T. Howell. She has appeared in over fifteen films. She spent 1998 working with Robert Urich on UPN’s LOVE BOAT: THE NEXT WAVE and Anne Margret on THE PAMELA HARRIMAN STORY for Lifetime. Films to follow were CAUSE OF DEATH with PATRICK BERGIN and TAYLOR with JACK SCALIA in 2005.

Many have caught her performances since in many popular TV shows like ONE TREE HILL and CSI:MIAMI, Hallmark’s MYSTERY WOMAN or WICKED WICKED GAMES with Tatum O’Neal on UPN. and LOVE BOAT: THE NEXT WAVE with ROBERT URICH.

Ms. Severance completed shooting a comedy ISABELLA with Jon Lovitz, set to be released late 2012.

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