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Jessica Hart Biography 1986-

While attending the Sophia Mundi Rudolph Steiner School in Collingwood, Victoria, did not have aspirations to . In fact, it was her aunt who entered the then 14 year old in the Dolly modeling competition, which she won. Sensing a legitimate career in the industry was an option and faced with an ultimatum between school and modeling, Jessica Hart chose modeling, leaving her native Australia to spend time in Tokyo, London and Paris before finally settling in New York.

With Australian models suddenly coveted currency in New York, it wasn’t long before Jessica Hart was sashaying down the world’s premiere runaways and shooting campaigns for some of fashion’s leading giants including Guess, Triumph and Esprit.

Though at times she openly admits to being homesick, and insists that she and boyfriend Nicolas Potts of surf band Tamarama will one day move back to their native Australia, Jessica Hart sure does feel like a native New Yorker. When the handsome couple took up residence in NoLiTa, they were regularly spotted trolling the quaint downtown streets, frequenting the trendiest cafes in classic hipster garb that is de rigueur in that part of town. Jessica Hart even struck up a friendship with New York City’s reality debutante Whitney Port and made several appearances on MTV’s The City, an experience that she called “invasive.” The Australian lovebirds have since moved to the stiffer Battery Park, but can still be spotted around town making the scene, if you’re lucky.

For a model, being featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is akin to a professional athlete making an all-star team. It has the ability to define a career and elevate a model’s profile to an exclusive upper echelon. So when Jessica Hart’s pictorial appeared in the 2009 edition, it’s no surprise her career skyrocketed as well. Victoria’s Secret signed her to a lucrative deal soon after, and along with good friend Miranda Kerr, Jessica Hart was now one half of the underwear giant’s outrageous Australian dynamic duo.

Jessica Hart is more than just a pretty face, a fact evidenced by her charming blog — a personal diary dotted with compelling photographs of her life and travels. She’s also bringing her laid-back bohemian style to the public with her first line called Neon Hart, a collection in collaboration with Australia’s General Pants Co. A percentage of the proceeds go to the children’s charity Destiny Rescue. OK, Jessica, we get it. You’re perfect.

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