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Jessica Chastain Gets Lucky!

You’d think it was the mid-90s the way beautiful and talented actresses were clamoring for the passenger seat in the upcoming Tom Cruise flick, but now we have a winner.

Showblitz reports that Joseph Kosinski has selected for one of the two female leads in “.”

The sci-fi film is a re-titled big screen adaptation of Joseph Kosinski’s “Oblivion.” Cruise will play a “scavenger” sentenced to a life of fixing drones on an uninhabitable surface but things heat up when he discovers a crashed ship.

Enter beautiful woman.

But there are two lady leads in “Horizons”; a “mysterious” woman and Cruise’s wife, the role played by Chastain.

After rising to fame playing the ephemeral mother alongside Brad Pitt in “Tree of Life,” Chastain will have no problem rising to the demands of the misses.

Although, after this year, the actress has kind of proved she can do anything.

The “mysterious” role is still up for grabs, contenders include Olivia Wilde, Brit Marling and Noomi Rapace.

Good luck, ladies!

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