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Jeri Ryan Biography 1968-

became famous to television audiences as Seven of Nine in the series Star Trek: Voyager, a role she plalyed from 1997-2001. Viewers of Boston Public saw her in the role of teacher Ronni Cooke (2001-2004).

She was born Jeri Lynn Zimmermann on February 22, 1968, in Munich, Germany, and was raised on military bases around the United States. She earned a degree in Theatre from Northwestern University, in Illinois. A one-time Miss Illinois, Ryan went on to place third runner-up in the 1990 Miss America Pageant. Along with a brief modeling career, she had her first guest-starring role in 1991 on the series Who’s The Boss?, and she then joined the cast of Dark Skies for its final season. Among the films Ryan has performed in are The Last Man, Dracula 2000, and Down With Love.

In 1991, Jeri Lynn married Jack Ryan, an Illinois businessman turned teacher. They were divorced in 1999 and had one child. In 2004, Jack Ryan entered the race to become U.S. Senator from Illinois. Court documents from the Ryans’ court proceedings were made public, with allegations that Ryan had pressured Jeri to go to sex clubs when they were married, bringing Jack Ryan’s political career to a very quick end, with his dropping out of the race. She is currently married to French chef Christophe Émé.

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