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Jenny Frost Biography 1978-

Jennifer Frost was born on February 22, 1978, in the illustrious British city of Liverpool. However, it’s in Manchester that she and her sister Shelley were raised.

Jenny, as she’s always been known, benefitted from a father who was musically inclined. When she was 9, for instance, he picked her up from school and took her to a Level 42 concert.

So music was always a part of her life. In those days, her music playlist assembled different genres such as New Kids on the Block, Duran Duran, and Motown sounds. Still, Jenny had other passions growing up.

In school, she was part of every sports team, as she was quite apt physically. Through these activities, she not only found time to dance, but her beauty led her to take on some modeling assignments while she was still a teenager.

Upon her high school graduation, she began her show business career by becoming the host of the popular TV show BBC Holiday Programme. In this capacity, she traveled the world, reporting on exotic locations like South Africa, Japan and the Greek Isles.

In late 1998, Jenny and her best friend Sophie McDonnell wanted to get into the music industry and form a band. At the same time, they ran across an ad from Medicine Management, which had the same band-creating goal.

Interested by the idea, Jenny and Sophie auditioned and soon they were selected, along with Kalli Clark-Sternberg, Anya Lahiri, and Louise Rose. This new group, which was for all intents and purposes corporately motivated, came to be known as Precious.

Recording was a priority and “Rewind” and “Say It Again” were their first two singles. They both climbed to the Top 10 charts in Britain. The hit “Say It Again” was a winner at the Great British Song Contest and it was then selected to represent the United Kingdom in 1999’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Jenny and the Precious girls performed in Jerusalem, but didn’t win the competition, which was seen throughout the world by over 350 million viewers. Nevertheless, “Say It Again” was released in North America and Precious was offered a recording contract from EMI.

The first and only Precious album was a self-titled affair released in 2000. The band received a lot of airplay and even found itself performing at the same shows as fellow popular British female act, Atomic Kitten.

Atomic Kitten was a female trio — made up of Kerry Katona, Liz McLarnon and Natasha Hamilton — that came to be in late 1999.

With songs like “Right Now,” “See Ya,” and “I Want Your Love,” these girls sold records by the millions and the Top 10 charts practically had their name engraved permanently.

However, in the beginning of 2001, Kerry Katona was getting tired of the music scene. Her and husband-to-be Bryan McFadden, a from Westlife, were expecting a baby and so she left Atomic Kitten. Not wanting the group to disintegrate, a replacement had to be found.

In January 2001, it was announced that , who was good friends with the Kitten members, would join the band. Precious was now defunct and Jenny wanted to continue on her musical path. She got there right in time for the release of the first Atomic Kitten album called Right Now, which would hit music stores in August of that year.

The band’s new single was “Whole Again” and, at the last minute, they replaced Kerry’s vocals with Jenny’s. The song went straight to No. 1 in England and stayed there for four consecutive weeks. It became one of the best sellers of 2001.

Their next release was the Bangles cover “Eternal Flame.” It too reached No. 1.

Not only did their debut album hit No. 1 in the UK in 2001, they also garnered awards such as the Disney Award for Best Pop Act, Smash Hits Poll Winners, and TV Hits Awards. The band even got its slogan pinned on Prince Charles’ chest at the 2001 Party in the Park.

Jenny’s personal life was also doing great. In January 2002, she announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Dominic Thrupp, known in club circles as DJ Dom T.

Also in 2002, the second Atomic Kitten album, Feels So Good, was released. It found success as well, thanks to tracks like “Be With You” and “The Last Goodbye.”

Virgin Records wanted to cash in on this popularity and so they offered the girls a U.S. deal. This American CD, simply called Atomic Kitten, was released in April 2003. Even though the sales numbers didn’t equal those in Europe, everyone was satisfied.

A third British album titled Ladies Night burst onto the market in late 2003. The song “Someone Like Me” was the first single, but it was obvious to everyone that the early enthusiasm for Atomic Kitten was not to be repeated.

In January 2004, the radioactive pussycats announced that they were splitting up. Natasha Hamilton was now a mother and found it too stressful to juggle a music career and a family. Instead of finding a replacement for her, the ladies decided to call it quits after a March 2004 concert. A Greatest Hits album was released around the same time as the final farewell.

Yet Jenny wasn’t ready for retirement. In April 2004, she signed a solo record deal. Instead of taking the lucrative big-time record label deal that was offered to her, she chose the quieter path of a new company created just for her by her management team. With this creative control, her first single “Hey Kitty,” which she recorded with Wu-Tang Clan, is due out by the end of 2004.

With the ink still drying on her new contract, she signed another deal. This time it was with modeling agency Premier Management. Jenny plans on walking the catwalks for fashion houses such as Dior and Gucci.

And as if this wasn’t enough, she has also secured the services of the American management company DAS, the guys behind Wyclef Jean and Black Eyed Peas. This will allow her to get a foothold in the United States. In the meantime, Jenny is happily living in London.

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