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Jeanne Tripplehorn Biography 1963-

Launching her performing career in her native Tulsa, spent several years as a local radio DJ and TV host. Educated at both the University of Oklahoma and Juilliard, Tripplehorn was first seen on a nationwide basis in 1991 in a supporting role in the made-for-TV movie The Perfect Tribute, a fictionalized retelling of the events leading up to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Many of Tripplehorn’s film characterizations have ranged from mildly eccentric to deeply disturbed, thanks in great part to her breakthrough appearance as Michael Douglas’ “rough sex” partner in the erotic chiller Basic Instinct (1992). She got a chance to play normal — albeit frazzled — as Hugh Grant’s fiancée in the romantic comedy Mickey Blue Eyes (1999); in 2000, she returned to rougher territory as a lesbian gangster in Mike Figgis’ experimental ensemble film Timecode.

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