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Jasmine Waltz Biography 1982-

Very little is known about ’s life prior to her highly publicized Hollywood dalliances. Naturally, the tendency among gossips isn’t to pay attention to her more distant past, but rather the present she shares with bigger names than hers.

For the longest time, Ryan Seacrest was the target of much is-he-or-isn’t-he speculation regarding his sexuality. Then reports surfaced that he was dating a Megan Fox lookalike who waited tables in between small roles in low-budget, low-quality films and television productions. Her name was Jasmine Waltz, and she had big breasts. Seacrest took Waltz to Paris with him, a move which many assumed meant that his affection for her was more romantic than physical, but the two have since since split.

Jasmine Waltz may have felt that what Lindsay Lohan needed to get her life and career back on track was a literal slap in the face — or perhaps her intentions weren’t that altruistic, but either way, Waltz (allegedly) totally slapped Lohan in the face. Apparently Waltz spotted the troubled star at West Hollywood nightspot Voyeur talking to former Hills star Doug Reinhardt. Though at her post as a waitress at the time, Waltz had a romantic history with Reinhardt and did not take kindly to Lohan’s attentions toward him. According to witnesses, Waltz expressed her feelings toward Lohan frankly — by punching her in the face. Immediately after the incident, Lohan tweeted: “A waitress just hit me — punched me for no reason.” Waltz told Access Hollywood: “All I have to say is that disturbed little train wreck is delusional.” It’s hard to know who to believe: the onetime starlet now known for a life of continual personal collapse, or the waitress and b-movie extra desperate for fame. Is it possible they’re both lying, crazy, or figments of our imagination?

After a string of highly publicized romances that has included has-beens (Jesse McCartney), never-weres (Doug Reinhardt), A-listers (Chris Pine) and C-listers (Ryan Seacrest), Jasmine Waltz seemed destined to end up with David Arquette. He’s not quite a movie star, but he’s related to a couple (his older sisters are Rosanna Arquette and Patricia Arquette), married one and hung out a bunch more (Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt). Plus he was somehow briefly a WCW Heavyweight Champion, back in 2000 when the wrestling public was a lot more gullible. We wouldn’t quite call him talented, but he’s got name recognition, and even though he’s not handsome, he’s got a certain hipster-doofus charm. Given Jasmine Waltz’s taste in beaux, it wasn’t a huge surprise when rumors swirled that the two had hooked up before Arquette’s separation from wife Courtney Cox was official. Then, in a bizarre move — and one that he says he now regrets — Arquette admitted live on The Howard Stern Show that he had slept with Waltz and that cheating on his wife made him feel like a man. Waltz has since been soaking up the attention that dripped out of that seedy revelation, though we can’t be sure she looks forward to a long, happy life with Arquette, despite the fact that he’s clearly a stand-up guy.

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