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January 27 Sony event may reveal PSP2

Just over one week after Nintendo held its to announce the US launch details of the 3DS, it looks like will have its own show to its successor to the PSP.

Bloomberg has it on good word from sources “with knowledge of the plans” that Sony plans to show off the much-rumored on January 27, and then will have it on display for a much wider audience at the Mobile World Congress soon to follow in Europe.

What’s unclear is if this device will actually be a successor to the PSP, or the more discussed “PlayStation Phone” under Sony Ericsson’s Xperia brand. The note about it being at the Mobile World Congress would suggest it will be the latter.

However, the January 27 event could possibly showcase both devices. Sony has said that it is planning a successor to the PSP that leads us to believe there will be a PSP2 in addition to the PlayStation phone.

The PSP continues to sell in moderate quantities and has been a definitely profitable venture for Sony. It only makes sense that it would create a dedicated gaming handheld successor instead of relying on the more limited market of a .

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