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iPhone Google Maps Hits 10 Million Downloads in 48 Hours

Google-Maps-iPhoneThe iOS community couldn’t wait to get their hands on .  The app shot to the top of the charts moments after it hit the store, and now Google has
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revealed that it has seen over in less than 48 hours. It’s the sort of instant  pop that we usually only see with Angry Birds, only for a mapping application.

Google Maps swoops in to relieve users complaining about Apple’s own native maps, which had a rough launch to say the least. Tim Cook was forced to issue a public apology in the face of widespread Internet disappointment and ridicule.

With Google Maps, however, iOS once again has the best maps application on the market. The updated version comes with a number of fancy new features like turn-by-turn navigation. In an interesting twist, Google might make even more money off of an app like this, because its free to insert more advertising.

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