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Imogen Thomas Biography 1982-

is a former Miss Wales and is probably best known for being a Big Brother 7 housemate. Imogen lasted three months in the house which is the longest ever stay for a female housemate to date. Since then, Imogen has graced the cover of many magazines and newspapers.

Imogen has taken part in numerous TV programmes including BBLB, Big brothers Big Mouth, T4 Sundays, Richard and Judy, TMF- The Agency, and a cameo role in the E4 series Dead set.

Welsh TV Programmes she has appeared in include- Uned 5, Wedi 3, Wedi 7, Jonathan Show and Bwrw Bar, ‘Glyn and Imogen: A year on’ documentary . She also had a cameo role in the famous welsh soap- Pobol y Cwm.

Being an ambitious lady, Imogen decided to open her own business, a Nail Bar in Cardiff. After a lot of press attention in Wales, she had her own fly on the wall show called ‘Salon Imogen’ with S4C.

In May 2010, Imogen appeared on the BBC Three programme Wags, kids and World Cup Dreams in which she went and left her pampered lifestyle behind to experience the reality of life behind the gloss of the World Cup by working in some of the poorest and most deprived neighbourhoods in South Africa.

Recently Imogen was voted The Sexiest Ever Big Brother Housemate, FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World and also The Sexiest Girl in Wales. As well as modelling, Imogen is a keen TV presenter after shooting a successful pilot for MTV.

Imogen recently took part in the first ever Celebrity Coachtrip for channel 4. She lasted 6 out of 10 days.

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