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Ice Cream Nachos?

Baskin-Robbins debuted on Tuesday — soft-serve vanilla with chocolate syrup, M&M’s and Snickers pieces. The is served with waffle and brownie chip pieces meant for dipping. Sound a bit like the dessert version of ? That’s what Baskin-Robbins is going for.

The tagline attached to the Waffle Chip Dippers is “Think Nachos — Only ‘Cooler.'” In conjunction with the debut, the company actually conducted a survey of 1,004 Americans to get answers to such burning questions as “Do you double dip?” and “What comes first, the ice cream or the waffle cone?” (Thirty-nine percent of respondents admitted to double dipping and 60 percent eat the ice cream before the waffle cone).

The Waffle Chip Dippers are $2.99 but only available until the end of September. With that price, Zagat argues, “that sounds cheap enough to put the “whaaaa?” factor aside and dive in for a try.”

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