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How to Use Oil Absorbing Sheets

oil-absorbing-sheetsIf you are getting ready for an important meeting, and your skin shines treacherously, use that will make your skin matte.

Here are 5 tips for use these sheets:

  •     Make sure that the oil absorbing sheets are odorless, otherwise, they can cause irritation and allergy.
  •     If you are buying oil absorbing sheets for the first time, check out their packaging. Choose the ones that are sold in a special carrying case, equipped with a small mirror – so you can always carry the sheets with you in your purse.
  •     Oil absorbing sheets can be used both before and after applying make-up. In the first case, they will prepare the skin for cosmetics; in the second case, they will clean the face of sebum.
  •     To remove the shine, gently apply the absorbing sheet to the face, without rubbing it – and all the excess sebum will remain on it.
  •     Following applying the oil absorbing sheet, you can touch up the makeup with the help of a foundation, or simply sprinkle the head with thermal water.


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