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How to Style Maxi Dresses

have become a seasonal summer staple. Pretty, versatile and suitable for almost every body, transform easily from a daytime beachy cover-up to a glamorous formal shift. are long, flowing dresses that usually hit between the mid-calf to ankle region of the leg. The choice of color, pattern, fabric and accessories will help you your maxi dress appropriately.


1.Choose a suitable fabric. Cotton dresses are the most comfortable and will create a casual look that is perfect for hot summer days. Choose a dressier fabric such as silk or diaphanous material for a formal, evening look.
2.Pick a color or pattern. When choosing a pattern, standard rules apply. Horizontal stripes will make you appear wider, while vertical stripes will give you a taller silhouette. TheChicFashionista.com recommends choosing a solid color for styling ease. With a solid color, you are free to accessorize and personalize the look to suit your style. A solid black maxi dress is a blank canvas to personalize for both day and night.
3.Choose a more fitted maxi dress if you have a petite body shape. A petite frame can often look dwarfed in a long, flowing maxi dress. Instead of a flowing shape, choose a maxi dress that is fitted to the body. An A-line style dress is a good choice for petite women.
4.Accessorize your look. Anything goes when it comes to accessorizing a maxi dress. A solid color allows you more freedom to play with earrings, necklaces, shoes, belts and wrist wear. A popular trend for maxi dresses is a long, tribal-inspired necklace worn with chunky wrist bangles. Gladiator sandals, espadrille wedges and open-toed heels are all popular choices for maxi dress footwear.

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