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How to Properly & Healthily Feed Your Pet

dog-feedKeep your furry best friend happy with healthy .

Renowned dog psychologist, Dr. Roger Mugford, shares with us that our love of animals is something we all have in common as human beings. Loving the company of beloved pets is a commonality shared among diverse countries, cultures and backgrounds. Because our pets are the loves of our lives, Dr. Mugford provides expert dog tips on healthily feed our happy four-legged pals.

Canine Expertise

Dr. Mugford is the CEO and founder of The Company of Animals, a Training and Behaviour Centre that specializes in training and legal issues. Dr. Mugford’s company also offers unique products designed to enrich the lives and welfare of owners and their pets.

Dr. Mugford’s clients range from the British Royal Family and royal heirs to homeless people. Just like how animals love their owner no matter who they are, Dr. Mugford works with all types of animal lovers, no matter who they are as well. Dr. Mugford’s passions are pets and the human-animal relationship that exists in humanity and unites societies. Simply said, animals make humans happy.

Pet Feeding Tips

Dogs get excited, from greeting you when you return home to eating a bowl of dog food. Dr. Mugford stresses that gulping industrial dog foods can be harmful for your pet and recommends avoiding this type of dog food. Also, slow down how quickly your dog eats with a pyramid feeder that strategically delivers food so your pet has to work at it.

The Green Dog Feeder helps dogs savor every morsel of food and makes eating into a challenging game. The dog feeder entertains and mentally stimulates your pooch. By turning eating into a fun game, you can cure boredom that causes chewing and barking. The Green Feeder also helps prolong eating up to 20 minutes, which helps prevent vomiting, gagging, gas, and bloating.

Along with replacing industrial dog foods and ensuring slow eating times, Dr. Mugford advocates natural dog food that animals would eat in the wild. Just as humans should eat foods that come naturally from the earth, so should our pets.

Our days are busy and our schedules are tight, but we are also the center of our pet’s universe. Your dog lives a simple life that needs your love, affection and playfulness. Keep your dog healthily fed and mentally challenged, and your pet will stay a happy pup.

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