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How to Make Fragrance Scent Last Longer

parfumeCoco Chanel once said that perfume should be applied to the places that are meant for kissing. Of course, there is some truth in these words. However, there are many .

Here are some tips to make your fgrance scent last longer:

Find pulse points

Pulse points are located where blood vessels are closest to the skin. These areas can generate heat by which perfume is best spread in the air. Applying your favorite perfume on the inside of the wrists, elbows, at the base of the throat, behind the earlobes or on the inside of the knees, you can be sure that the heat generated will interact with the , and a pleasant scent will last all day. Do not apply perfume on the chest and armpits – these body parts tend to sweat very much, and the result may be unpredictable.

Spray or dab?

Women are very much interested in apply perfume properly. Usually they apply it depending on the vial – dabbing, spraying, or using compact wipes if it is a solid perfume. Some women spray a cloud of perfume in the air and walk through it. This is a wonderful way, but not quite economical, because a lot of precious fragrant liquid is wasted.

Use perfume before you put on clothes and jewelry. Many fragrances leave stains on fabrics, pearls, and metals. After applying perfume on the skin, it should dry out a bit. There are three stages of a fragrance, which develop with time. Please do not rub the perfume, or it can completely lose its individuality.

Hair Fragrance

If you want the fragrance to last as long as possible and be sensed by all the people around, you can apply some fragrance on your hair. The hair should be clean, with no styling products that can distort the smell. All perfumes contain alcohol, which can dry up your hair. It is desirable to spray the perfume at a distance of 20-30 cm from the hair and in small quantities.

The fragrance will last longer than a day

There’s a few secrets for the pleasant smell to last so long as possible. For example, it will evaporate much faster on dry skin, so always use a moisturizer before applying the scent. Many women first apply vaseline about the skin and then – their favorite fragrance. Perfume drops in this case will cling to the fat basis and will not sink into the pores of the skin. All this is true only for girls with normal to dry epidermis. Those who have oily and combination skin have you don’t need to moisturize it before spraying the perfume.

Before purchasing, carefully examine fragrance concentration. “Parfum” always last much longer than “Eau de parfum”. The particular latter is more resistant when compared with “Eau de Toilette. ” Store your selected fragrance in a tightly sealed bottle within a dry place with no sunlight.

Chypre, musk, and woody scents are much more lasting than sea and floral ones. If you’ve been using the same perfume for a long time, smell receptors refuse to accept them, so you should not scold the manufacturer – most likely everyone around can sense your scent well.

How and when to choose perfume?

Choose and buy perfume in the first part of the day. At this time, the nose does a better job. Do not try many different scents at once – you will just get confused and stop smelling. It can do serious damage to the nasal receptors. It is best to try no more than three fragrances in one visit to the perfume shop.

Take a test day with a new fragrance

Do not rush buying a perfume. Even if you love the smell on the test strip, spray the perfume on yourself and keep it during the day. It may happen that you will no longer like the scent at the end of the day. Better find this out before you buy the perfume.

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