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How to lose 3 – 6 kilos 6 – 13 pounds in 10 days

The balanced
This is a hypo caloric diet and it’s based on limitation of consumed . This kind of diet is considered to be a “traditional” one, because it’s known to be a healthy diet.

This diet allows you to eat almost anything, but in limited quantities. It is based on reduced number of calories with a good contribution of glucose (from cereals, vegetables, bread), characterized through a good level of satiety.

The five key elements are water, rice, meat, bread and yoghurt.

* Period: minimum one month – maximum 6 months.
* lose: 3-6 kilos (6-13 pounds) in 2 weeks.
* Indications: recommended to all persons.

The structure of the diet (for 1600 calories):

* Breakfast: coffee, three slices of bread, 10 g of butter, a glace of orange juice or a glace of milk, a croissant and an apple.
* Lunch: a salad, 150 g of meat/ fish or 2 eggs with 4 boiled potatoes, vegetables, white cheese and fruits, yoghurt.
* Dinner: fish salad (with lemon, cheese), a peach, 100 g of meat, carrots, green beans, two grapes.


It is a healthy diet and it can easily be transformed in a habit. It maintains the optimum weight for a long time.


If you need to lose weight fast or if you are an impatient person, you will say that this diet is somehow slow. There are other faster diets.

The opinion of a specialist:

The principle of this diet is that you can eat anything but in a reasonable way. Aliments must be cooked without fat and you should not eat more than recommended.

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