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How to Get the Monster-in-Law’s Approval

holiday-dinnerYou’ve been avoiding them long enough. But now, the holidays are here and it’s time to meet your significant other’s parents. A good first impression is key, and your appearance can make it or break it.

Read on for our fail-proof guide to scoring an in with your in-laws.

Find out what he’s wearing. Once you know what your man’s wearing, it’ll set the tone for how you should dress. If he’s going casual, you should follow suit. While you don’t have to match, your apparel should complement his.

Choose classy over trendy. We’re sure your boyfriend appreciates your fashion-forward taste, but his parents probably don’t know that wedge sneakers are in. Stick to classic and timeless styles.

Dress like a lady. If you’re questioning whether something will be too revealing, it probably will be. Leave your sky-high heels in addition to sexy cutout dresses for date night and choose something on the conservative part. Make your best assets your current eyes and smile — not necessarily your cleavage.

Keep makeup light. Parents love a fresh face look – it’s a fact. They want to see what a natural beauty you are, so stick to neutral colors and (as always) avoid cake-y foundation.

Embrace your style. You need to feel confident in your clothes in to feel comfortable. Show off your personality in a parent-approved way by adding an accessory that represents you.

Groom baby, groom! Rolling out of bed just moments before meeting your possible in-laws won’t amaze them. Spend time on your hair and nails and avoid any “messy” looks. Pick a subtle scented perfume that’s welcoming as opposed to an overpowering smell.

Meeting the family can be overwhelming, but don’t stress. He chose you for a reason, and most likely, they’ll see why.

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