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How to Create Fake Freckles?

frecklesIf you have no freckles on your face, it is time to create fake ones. Because this summer, the hottest trend is

Not long ago, freckles were fought in many different ways – from using questionable creams to cosmetic surgery. Today, even those who have never had freckles want to get them, because they have become incredibly popular. Two weeks ago, Demi Lovato posted a makeupless selfie called “Freckles” on Instagram, and later Topshop released a special cosmetic pencil, allowing everyone to draw freckles at home.

Today freckles are a trend as hot as the bushy eyebrows like Kara Delevingne or dimples like Kate Middleton. Freckle pencils have been sold for years by a variety of brands from Lancôme to Chanel. A celebrity makeup artist from the UK, Kate Best, who has worked with Teri Hatcher and Vanessa Williams, shared some professional secrets to achieve the most fashionable summer image.

Kate advises using a pencil a few shades lighter weight than your eyebrows. Draw dots on both sides from the nose and nasal septum. Freckles must not extend beyond the midst of the cheek. The tip from the pencil should be blunt, for your freckles to be more realistic. Gently press the dots using your finger, and then apply somewhat powder and distribute it using a brush. Remember that less is much better. Freckles on your face should look completely natural, so that they cannot attract much attention. Do not forget actually drawn, so do not rub the face. Otherwise, your trendy image will become a smeared face, which urgently needs to be washed.

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