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Hot Summer Makeup Trends

bold-lipsFind out what make-up trends are hot for summer. Beauty trends, like fashion, are forever changing and are always revamped with each season. You don’t have to be an absolute lover to brush up on the popular products and trends in the beauty world. There are certain products and looks in beauty that are more appropriate for different parts of the year.

Take for instance BB creams. BB cream does nearly the same thing foundation does but with added skin benefits and with less product. Instead of wearing heavy foundation, you can be cool with BB cream. We’ve got a list of other hot makeup and beauty trends perfect for summer.

 BB Creams and CC Creams

BB stands for and CC stands for color control. Both BB and CC creams hydrate, protect and prime the skin and are lighter alternatives to foundation. BB creams, although lighter than foundation and heavier than tinted moisturizers, are concentrated formulas, so a dime-size amount is enough. There are skin care benefits to wearing BB creams, like SPF.

CC creams are lighter than BBs in texture and are used to correct color and even out skin tones. CC creams provide a coverage that is more natural than BBs as well. They correct redness and other color correcting issues. These creams can be blended with foundation if more coverage is desired. They can also be paired with moisturizers for a slight tint.

Bold Lips

We are in the age of bold lips. Pinks and reds will forever be the go to bold lip colors but the summer trend includes even brighter lip colors like orange, coral and shades of purple.

We’ve seen the 2-toned ombre hair and ombre lips are similar. Ombre lips are two or more tones on the lip. There are subtle everyday ombre lips, to bold ombre lips, to even rainbow ombre lips. You can add gloss and a bit of sparkle to rock this trendy look.

Highlighting is a wonderful summer makeup technique that brings light for the face by drawing certain aspects of the face forward. There are creams and powders made particularly for highlighting.

There are different products and colors that work best for several types of skin. Search for the cosmetics you like best and that work best for you personally. Do you have any you’d prefer to share?

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