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Hayley McFarland Biography 1991-

Hayley-McFarland was born on 29 March, 1991 in Oklahoma, USA. The grew up in the same city she was born in a simple family there the most important things that were cherished were not material ones, but the ones that were meant for the soul. She was raised with the thought that the most important thing is family. And there is nothing more important than family values. She was a child when she already appeared in a few movies that after they were released became blockbusters throughout the entire world. She appeared in such theater plays as “Violin on the roof” and in the musical play “Sounds of music”. Also she performed in “Titanic” movie in the role of a child. She was studying the art of performance in the agency of the producer Michelle de Long, who had his own school of young talents, and while studying in this school she performed in the show “What kind of witch are you, a good one, or a bad one?” Also she performed in such TV shows, as: “”, “The ambulance”, “To think like a criminal” and in the movie “American crime”. Till current she was performing the sixteen years old Emily Lightman, who was the hero of the American TV show called “The Theory of lie”, but the TV show was closed in May 2011 due to the low rating. And in 2013 she took a part on the movie with Vera Farmiga.

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