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Hasselblad Discontinues Iconic 503CW Camera

Hasselblad-503CWThere are few cameras in the world as recognizable as ’s V-series. NASA even used one (the 500ELs) to take photographs on the moon. Their cube-shaped bodies have been around for more than half of a century and have been popular with pros to hipsters and everyone in between. Now, the final unit has rolled off the assembly line and the V-series is no more.

It has been clear for some time that the V-series wasn’t the priority in the Hasselblad line-up. The was the final hold-over and, according to the press release, demand for it has dropped rather sharply in the past five years. Sad, but not-at-all surprising. The spent 17 years as part of the Hasselblad line-up, representing the V-line, which was in-action for more than 50 years.

The company will be concentrating on their H-series cameras, which are excellent, if inaccessible for most shooters, as well as their new Lunar , which was recently delayed.

Hasselblad has said they will continue to offer the camera until stock runs out, but then the first-hand market will be done. Luckily, if you still want one, the second-hand market is very robust. It will be interesting to see if prices of older models go up now that there are a finite number of these square-format cameras in the world.


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