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Guerlain Violette de Madame Makeup for Fall 2013

Guerlain-Violette-de-Madame-MakeupEven though it is summer, the beauty brands, one after another, continue to remind us of the fall, producing advertising campaigns of collections for the new season.  fashion house presented its autumn palette by the and its never changing commercial face .

Guerlain’s next season collection is called Violette de Madame, and it looks sophisticated and refined. The main promotional picture shows Russian supermodel with elegant makeup, “hiding” behind a thin veil. By the way, the same veil covers some product packages from the autumn collection, making them incredibly attractive and almost unique.

As for the palette of shades, one can say for sure that the main trends of autumn are red lips (the brands are particularly fond of dark pink and cherry tones) and expressive eyes – bold colors and soft velvet textures are a must here.

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  1. You refer to the collection as “Violette de Madame” but the correct name is Voilette de Madame which means Madam’s Veil; hence the use of lace veils in the promo pictures and product decoration. The collection is named for a 1901 Guerlain perfume creation called Voilette de Madame.

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