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FlightCar Launches Free “Parking” at Airport

FlightCar is a pain. An expensive pain. But finally, a single company received smart and is cashing in on convenience. will alleviate your airport parking headache by renting away your car during your vacation.

Here’s how: Sign up with FlightCar as an owner. List your car on their website, specifying prepare, model, mileage, and even whether it’s smoke- and pet-friendly. Then, call 10-15 minutes before you arrive at the airport, and a FlightCar staff member will meet you and take your car. Your parking is paid for whether your car is rented or not (!), of course , if it is rented, it will be cleaned before your return, and you’ll get a free gas card. Plus your car is insured up to $1 1000000 through the rental. Not terrible, eh?

Looking to rent once you get for your destination? Search on the FlightCar website, book your car, and call FlightCar while you reach your destination. Their valet assistance watchs you at your terminal. They advertise savings of up to 50 percent on your rental, plus they offer free GPS units and car seats, and then for 24-hour roadside assistance. You’re insured up to $300,000 in liability coverage, and free collision insurance is offered as well. Your rental includes up to 90 km per day, after which you get charged an super fee, and you should return the car with at least the same number of gas in it as whilst you took it. At the very least, it’s a viable substitute to booking with a bigger brand name.

As of today, FlightCar is merely available at San Francisco all over the world Airport, however according on the company, they’ll be expanding to other airports soon.

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