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Embattled HP CEO on the chopping block

We may be looking at the final days of as the CEO of fledgling company HP.

Once a heavyweight in the industry, HP has become something of a train wreck over the last year. The company has tried a bunch of wild new strategies, but few of them have ended up working.

Most of those strategies have come under the guidance of Apotheker, who was originally hired on to save the company from the trouble it was put in by Mark Hurd, the prior CEO.

Hurd was at the helm of what was perhaps the company’s biggest scandal, when it was accused of illegally phone-tapping analysts and journalists.

Apotheker was supposed to be the savior that prevented HP from sliding down that slippery slope. Instead, under his watch, the company’s stock price has dipped 47%.

The HP board is now reportedly discussing the possibility of ousting Apotheker from the company. Investors are becoming frustrated with the way HP is heading, and this may be the only thing to do.

It was of course under the leadership of Apotheker that HP purchased the failured of a company that was Palm. It took several months before HP was able to do something with Palm’s webOS operating system, and once it did, it was a disaster.

The HP Touchpad tablet sales were so dismal that within a matter of weeks, the price was slashed to $99 just to get rid of inventory.

So there isn’t much reason to have confidence in Apotheker right now. We could be looking at a new CEO relatively soon.

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