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Elin Nordegren Woods Biography 1980-

became world-famous in 2009, when her husband, superstar golfer , admitted cheating on her. Nordegren first became a public figure in 2002 when she began dating Woods, one of the world’s most famous sports figures. A striking, blonde, blue-eyed Swede and part-time , Nordegren was working as a nanny for Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik when she met Woods. Reportedly Parnevik introduced the two at the 2001 British Open. Their romance became more widely known during the Masters golf tournament in April of 2002, and they became engaged in November of 2003. They were married in Barbados on 5 October 2004. Their first daughter, Sam Alexis Woods, was born on 18 June 2007; Woods told reporters that “Sam” was a nickname his father called him as a child. A son, Charlie Axel, was born on 8 February 2009.

On November 27 of 2009, police were called to the Woods home near Orlando, Florida, after Tiger crashed a Cadillac Escalade near their driveway at 2:30 in the morning. It was soon revealed that the Woods and Nordegren had been arguing, after she discovered his relationship with club hostess Rachel Uchitel. Other women then came forward to claim they had slept with Woods before and during his marriage. Two weeks later, Woods released a statement admitting “infidelity” and saying he would take an indefinite break from golf. Although Elin Woods has been rumored to be considering divorce, the pair has so far remained married.

Nordegren has a twin sister, Josefin… Her mother, Barbro Holmberg, has served as Sweden’s migration minister. Her father is a radio journalist… Nordegren has never posed for nude photos; online photos with titles like “Elin Nordegren nude” or “Elin Woods naked” are fakes… Tiger Woods’s former longtime girlfriend was UCLA law student Joanna Jagoda.

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