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Ekaterina Plekhova Biography 1990-

Ekaterina-Plekhova is twenty three years old. She was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. She graduated from high school and State Maritime Academy with honors and, currently she is a doctoral candidate for a PhD in technical arts.

Sports have always been an important aspect of her life. She is engaged in athletics for nine years and was successful in hurdles. Sports gave her not only a beautiful shape and a healthy lifestyle philosophy, but also developed her as hardworking, motivated and a very friendly person.

She loves to learn new things: study foreign languages, travelling and meeting new people. She described her stay in Germany as a „once in a lifetime opportunity“. Ekaterina will be attending as Miss Intercontinental the Olympic Winter Games in Sotchi. She is 174 m tall and her measure are perfect for a Model as well – 85-60-90. Her favorite Drink is Tea. The 3 words describing her best are: hardworking, intelligent and always positive.


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