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Eating Mango Promotes Weight Loss

mangoAmerican nutritionists confirmed the ability of to influence the process of digestion at the biochemical level. U.S. experts say that consuming regularly helps to cope with poor metabolism.

Within three months, experts were supervising the volunteers’ . Their blood was taken for medical analysis at different stages of the experiment. It has shown that people who love mango and eat it often, have lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The volunteers consumed mango extract twice a day for 10 weeks, not adhering to any special and leading a normal life.

The potency of mango in improving metabolism is because of many factors. For instance, the fruit contains a large amount of water and mineral chemicals that improve liver performance. An active and healthy liver helps our bodies digest faster, supports the experience of other excretory programs.

The U.S. research was supported by that of the University of Queensland, Australia, where it was found that mango should be eaten unpeeled. It turned out that mango peel contains phytochemicals that inhibit the activity of human fat cells, preventing the growth of the fat tissue.

In addition, experts have noted that the substances contained in mango strengthen the immune system, increasing its protection against various infections and enhance the body’s resistance to skin cancer and prostate cancer.

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