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Each 8th Botox Injection Made by a Non-Professional

botox-injectionExperts are sounding the alarm over the lack of tight regulation on the market of the cosmetic industry. In particular, a huge amount of Botox injections are made by the patients’ friends and relatives, who do not have any special training.

Every 8th person, who made an injection of Botox or dermal fillers, did not address any beauty clinic or go to the office of a professional beautician. For this purpose, this person came to a friend or other non-professional individual. This conclusion was drawn by the British sociologists who selectively interviewed 2000 people that had gone through such procedures some time before.

It turned out that 13% of the patients face health risks, and they just trust the people without special training. Any mistake in giving an injection can lead to partial paresis of the face, and getting the solution into the vein can cause embolism and death. Moreover, every 20th person made Botox injections or the procedures like chemical peels on his/her own. In this regard, the British government has already prepared to introduce a more stringent regulation of cosmetic services. It is expected that the new rules of the industry will be announced in a few weeks.

Earlier this coming year, an independent research had been conducted in the country under the guidance of considered one of Britain’s leading doctors Professor Bruce Keogh. It turned out found that the average Briton, which applies for non-surgical cosmetic techniques, has “no more protection than someone who buys a ballpoint pen or maybe a toothbrush”.

In the future, it is expected that every one of the cosmetic procedures, including any injection will probably be carried out exclusively by medical doctors, dermatologists and nurses in accordance while using the existing medical standards.

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