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Drew Barrymore Introduces Her Daughter, Olive

Drew-Barrymore-oliveMeet ’s baby!

In the new issue of People, the 37-year-old shares the exclusive first photos of her , , and talks about transitioning into her new role as a mom.

“It’s like the biggest crush I’ve ever had in my life,” Barrymore, who is married to art consultant Will Kopelman, says of her little one, who was born September 26.

After a slight adjustment period immediately after giving birth — “I couldn’t eat or sleep for two weeks, I was just so nervous” — Barrymore is fully ensconced in motherhood, a job which includes on demand performances of the song “Good Morning” from “Singin’ in the Rain” to keep her daughter cheery, and jumping up and down to entertain her.

Barrymore also shares that the red cowboy hat that she wore as a child star in “E.T.” is a decoration in Olive’s nursery.

The actress tells People she gained almost 40 pounds during her pregnancy — five of which came the week before she gave birth. Nearly two weeks overdue, her attitude was, “All bets are off! I’ll have two cheeseburgers.” Now working out again to shed the weight, her motto is “impossible expectations are impossible.” She adds, “I’m the last person anyone should look at for workout tips. I don’t have them. I don’t care [laughs].”

Barrymore, who had a troubled family life as a girl and went on to have two failed marriages of her own, tears up several times in the interview with the magazine talking about her new husband Kopelman, whom she married in June. “Will comes from a strong family, he provides a strong family, it’s amazing,” Barrymore says of Kopelman, who is the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman. “For people who didn’t have the strongest families or traditional families, if you can create that, you can have a second chance. It just makes me so emotional because it’s like a miracle.”

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