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Donna Air Biography 1979-

donna-air was born on August 2, 1979 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. She is a and . As a child Donna already had the eye for performing, and she attended the drama school First Act, in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. She as well was a student of Gosgforth High School, and went along with pop duo Ant & Dec, Dale Meeks and Jill Halfpenny.

She has been turning heads since she was first launched into the public eye age 10 in the hit children’s BBC series ‘Byker Grove’. She became famous in the Byker Grove, and because of that she became part of the Big Breakfast as well as an appearance in the BBV TV comedy Operation Good Guys. As a she’s been in constant demand, presenting for Tvs such as, MTV, ITV’s ‘ Pop Stars’, E4/C4. Not long after she became part of the girl duo Crush, which was developed from the Byker Grove band. Along with Jayni Hoy, Donna Air signed under Telstar Records and started to record and album. However Hoy quit the duo after their first album, and she was replaced by Luciana Caporaso.

Donna moved on to be a successful presenter, starting off with MTV Select and Brekkie until she was replaced by Kellie Brook. Not long after, Donna Air hosted On the Bed, alternating with Gail Porter. Because of her stunning looks and sexy figure, she was noticed by men’s magazines and later on appeared on the pages of FHM, Loaded, Maxim, and Esquire. During this time Donna Air became the host of her own show, Donna In Need, where she toured different cities in Ireland and the United Kingdom in order to meet people in public. She recalls, ‘the great thing about this show is that it really highlights the fact that celebrities are real people who have important needs as well’.

Despite being a fabulous presenter, Donna Air has a reputation of being a dumb blonde, and is most remembered for asking the Irish family band The Corrs on how they met and formed the group. She maintained a bubbly personality though, and soon came up with Airhead Productions. She also appeared in the movie The Mummy Returns and is currently working on the independent movie Bad Day.

Recently Donna challenged her cookery skills and appeared on ‘Marco’s Kitchen Burnout’ on ITV and ‘Heston Blumenthal’s Gastronomic Adventure’ on Channel 4. Aside from film and television, Donna has become more and more passionate about all things Green. She works closely with the Soil Association and is continuously exploring areas of health, beauty and fashion.

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