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Dialysis Benefits Pregnant Women With Kidney Disease

pregnant-womanAccording to a new study, longer and more frequent sessions benefit with .

Researchers found that who received more intensive dialysis had a higher percentage of live births than those who received standard dialysis.

Moreover, the complications in women who received intensive dialysis were few and manageable, the study authors noted.

“More intensive dialysis has improved pregnancy rates and dramatically improved pregnancy outcomes,” Dr. Michelle Hladunewich, of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto, said in a journal news release. “This study provides hope to young women on dialysis who might want to consider having a family.”

For the study, published online Feb. 13 in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the researchers compared 22 pregnant women with kidney disease in Toronto and 70 similar patients in the United States. The Toronto patients averaged 43 hours of dialysis per week, compared with 17 hours per week among the U.S. patients.

In Toronto, 18 of the women conceived after they started dialysis and four of the women began dialysis during pregnancy. These numbers among the U.S. patients were 57 and 13, respectively.

Among patients have been undergoing dialysis when many people became pregnant, the live birth price was 83 percent within the Toronto patients and 53 percent within the U. S. patients. The median amount of pregnancy was 36 weeks within the Toronto patients and 27 weeks within the U. S. patients.

All round, the live birth price was 85 percent for ladies who had more than 36 hours 7 days of dialysis, compared with 48 percent if you had 20 hours or less each week of dialysis. Infants whose mothers had over 20 hours a 7 days of dialysis had much healthier birth weights than people whose mothers had a lesser amount of dialysis time, the investigators found.

Source: HealthDay News

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